Sullivan-Wallen Post 11

Youth Programs

Post 11 Youth Marksmanship Program

 The Sullivan-Wallen Post 11 Youth Marksmanship Program is for girls and boys ages 9 years old through 15 years old. This program teaches rifle safety, self discipline, concentration, responsibility etc. Through the use of air rifles and paper targets, the youth will learn the history of air rifles, the modern outstanding young men and women that achieved their goals of gold medals in the Olympics, Scholarships and business.

  The students will learn how to concentrate, use self discipline and fire from three positions: Standing, Kneeling and the Prone positions. 

 At the end of the program, the class will participate in the State Postal Shoot. Competing with other youth at the same age level throughout the State of Wisconsin.  Older shooters will become eligible for scholarships.  




Easter Egg Hunt

On the Saturday before Easter, the members of the Post hold an Easter Egg Hunt. This event takes place on the grounds of the Post. Children from the area from ages from 3 to 11, carrying their baskets, pails or bags, scour the grassy field along side the Post gathering the brightly colored eggs containing sweet treats.  This event may be considered the fastest event of the year!  It does not take long for the children to find all the eggs... if you have young children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces -- bring them out and watch their smiles as they bring in their "loot".. 



Childrens Christmas Party

 The Annual Christmas Party for the children is a fun event for all ages although it is targeted for younger folk. Holiday music, food, gifts and a visit from good ol' Saint Nick. As Santa sits by the decorated brightly lit tree, the children reveal their list of wanted presents... what a great time for a photo opportunity... 





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