Sullivan-Wallen Post 11

Sullivan-Wallen Post 11 American Legion

Rental of Facilities Information


1)  Rental arrangements will only be made by appointment.  Contact number for appointment is 920-609-2409.

2)  The maximum occupancy of the hall is 150 for banquet type seating. The kitchen is not available.

3)  Fees:  Hall rental shall be $500.00. Hall rental is for 8 hours (see 9 below). If setup time is needed before the period, a $15.00 per hour fee will be additional to rental fee.

4)  Rental fee plus a $200.00 damage deposit must be submitted 1 week prior to rental date.

5)  The $200.00 damage deposit fee will be refunded with in approximately 2 weeks if rental regulation are met. Conversely, if all regulations are not followed, the damage deposit will be retained by the Post. Read the setup & cleaning portion of contract.

6)  Hanging or fastening, in any manner, decorations from the ceiling, lighting, fans, arches or walls is prohibited. Small glitter or confetti will not be allowed on tables. Should there be any damages or losses incurred, the Renter will be liable for any damage or loss in excess of the damage deposit amount and will be billed accordingly for the difference. If legal fees are incurred to resolve payment, the Renter shall be liable for those fees.

7)  The sale of liquor is prohibited. Alcoholic beverages shall remain in hall. NO KEGS ARE ALLOWED.

8)   The hall must be closed by 10:00PM and vacated as soon as possible before 11:00PM.  

9)  Before leaving the Renter is responsible for insuring that:  Chairs and tables are returned as they were when the room was accessed on the day of the rental.  Tables should be wiped cleaned, the floors free of debris.  As the Post does not have rubbish removal, all trash must be removed from the property.


11)  The Renter agrees to hold Sullivan-Wallen Post 11 harmless and indemnify and defend it from all claims, actions suits or demands including reasonable attorney's fees arising out of any breach by Renter of any provision of the contract.  

12)  The person executing this agreement represents and warrants that he/she has the full right, power and authority to execute the agreement, and will be the Renter responsible for said contract.  Renter shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests, and will assist the Owner in the recovery of all damages which may occur through the negligence of attendees.

I agree to rent this facility for the portion of time as specified above and will abide by the above terms and conditions of the agreement.